What we do

B&G Technologies (B&G) is dedicated to offering a range of hosting and solutions for individuals and businesses. Whether it is a small site for the family, a small business site or a dedicated server for the medium business or a large business.

We strive to offer the most competitive prices in the hosting industry, whilst maintaining high quality of customer service and network.

Why do we do it?

Back in the 1990’s we sat around a table talking about the high cost of domain names, web and email hosting. With our technical knowledge we decided to setup our first server and to become a domain name reseller.

We then passed on most of the savings to our friends. Word of mouth got around that we were offering these services and we are who we are today.

The fact that we now have many clients also gives us the ability to offer our services free to Charities and Junior sporting clubs.


Personalised Solutions

We can offer many tailored plans to suit you, just ask us, from just web hosting, email hosting, DNS services, domain names, dedicated servers, managed and unmanaged.